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My uncle was afforded a painless, dignified death that was befitting the man he was.

Dear Gordon Hospice Caregivers, 

I wanted to personally thank each and every person working at Gordon Hospice House. I had the amazing privilege of attending my uncle during his last two days on earth. Your staff was so gentle, so caring, not just taking care of his physical needs of comfort and pain management, but also with the family, myself included.

My uncle was afforded a painless, dignified death that was befitting the man he was. He was a gentle soul, generous, kind, loving, deep, loyal, faithful, and, in the last few years especially, a devoted man of God. It was amazing at how gently he was handled, how faithfully he was attended to--never forgotten or neglected. We never had to call or remind anyone of his next dose of meds. We never had to request he be turned--only point out our observations of his comfort from his last adjustment.

I came in just two days before he died on January 9th. I was left utterly speechless by the tenderness of the nurses, their concern for ME, their willingness to answer my questions and to listen when I needed to share an anecdote of his life or how his death was affecting his wife, daughter, and sister (my mother.) Sadly, I am unable to remember the names of any of the nurses, but I was especially touched by the young nurse that attended him on Thursday and Friday, and the PA that I was able to chat with on Thursday. 

If I did not live across the country, I would be volunteering at your facility during my every free moment. Instead, I am seeking volunteer opportunities at a Hospice House in my area. 

Thank you again for all you have done--not just for our family, but for all the families you help as their loved ones pass away. Your passion for what you do is evident in all you do. There really are no words for how affected and impacted I have been by the passing of my uncle and the dignity afforded him in his passing. To see that he was well cared for makes losing him a tiny bit easier. Knowing that he did not die in pain or neglect goes a long, long way in helping the grieving process.

Thank you. Thank you. 


Family Member from Long Beach, California