Our Stories

I Know How Lucky We Both Were

Dear Mrs. Phillips:

When my husband JIm was in the hospital it was suggested to us that hospice be called in to help with his care. I was so devastated to hear the doctor suggest this. Little did I know how lucky we both were to have this organization called in.

Jim came home and for a few months he had the best care possible. The nurses and the CNA were so upbeat and kind to him and he really looked forward to their visits. I learned a lot about hospice care during this time and had some relief for the first tme in 10 years.

JIm was diabetic, had a bad heart, could not walk due to several strokes and the need for knee replacement which he couldn't have due to the above.  He was house bound for 10 years and the only help I had was a CNA 4 hours twice a week. I had to Cath him twice a day and monitor his sugar and give him insulin shots three times a day. Several times a year I had to call 911 for a trip to the hospital due to pneumonia or heart problems.

The hospice nurse was as near as the telephone when I needed her and twice during the night I had to call the on-call nurse. No more trips to the hospital and sitting in the emergency room for hours and a hospital stay of a few days.  A weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.

When Jim's health declined so that I could not take care of him, the hospice nurse suggested the Gordon Hospice House, so he was transported there in a coma.  I visited him everyday and saw what a wonderful caring group of people worked there. They had to love their jobs for I never saw anything but smiles and an upbeat attitude.  They were so kind to me, always asking what I needed and was I getting enough rest.

He passed on January 27th at 5 in the morning. The nurse called my son instead of me so he could tell me. There is another example of how thoughtful they were.

My prayers and support for hospice will always be with me.  My heartfelt thanks for your wonderful program.